May News Updates

News update

Wallet intro meet up - Register

Blockchain Meetup - First Look At the Causevest Blockchain, Thu, May 6, 2021, 7:30 PM | Meetup

Core team wallet intro meeting please register to attend this Thursday we will go through the wallet functions and applications for your teams ( Open to the public but focus will be on internal teams)

I will also do a brief talk on the important role privacy plays in wealth creation.

Plop your charities/causes for this month here

Bounty will be out next week for those looking to get involved with the project

Charities just don’t care – We will protect your privacy

Platform Updates

Causevest Platform Development Intro

Extension updates

Causevest's Chrome Browser Extension is live! - #2 by MrO

We will begin the work on updating our extension for public adoptions next week

Eugene Romanenko – agreed to interview us once the wallet was done – lets hold him to it

**Follow us on Instagram its starting up – causevest_360

We are cracking on with our initial community release for this month.