Causevest Platform Development Intro

While we are currently waiting on the formal introduction from Vlad and MF I will give a bit of a mini update on the Causevest Platform.

Platform progress Ole

We have a set of developers working on its build and has been in deep discussions with the CTO and it was no laughing matter.

Work has just started campaign creation and there has been great progress on the platform Dr Evil and his team has started work and we will get our next update in 2 weeks with all the user functions completed in 4 weeks looking forward to hearing from them. Dr Evil assured me that the deadlines would not be missed.

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I’m Vladimir or simply V (MrO calls me Vlad but I’d like to note that I don’t drink blood or sleep in the coffin unlike my famous Transylvanian counterpart, maybe…) and together with MrF we will be supervising this incredible project with an aim to share our journey with you on a regular basis.

We are working with the most capable developers who weren’t hired just because they share our passion for cats! They have a lot of experience working on complex projects and I myself is no stranger to pushing various IT systems over the line with nearly 10 years of experience in this area.

As MrO mentioned we are expecting a first significant update in about 4 weeks so stay tuned,

Meanwhile, start thinking of the causes you’d like to support:



Whats up guys?

I am Felix, the famous MrF. Vlad and I are Glad to be working together with the rest of the team on this exciting project. We are happy you are part of our journey. We will bring you regular updates. Keep your hearts here and get ready to enjoy doing good like never before.

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MR FFFFFFF your welcome Sir!

We had a meeting with an update on the platforms progress. Around 50 slides done of 350 with a few updates and polishes next meeting due in a week.

Since the initial post we worked really hard to add some “meat” to the “skeleton” of our platform and below you can see an example of one of such additions - campaign creation process


Most of the logic for campaigns and the user part is already in place and we just need few more weeks to be able to finalise the rest of the pieces before we go into full testing mode where we will be focusing on polishing our visuals and fine tuning the logic.

Once the user part is completed we hope to deep dive into the payments, so stay tuned!

Last time we asked you to think about the causes you’d like to support, now its time to spice things up and think of various challenges and covenants!

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We promised to piece together innovative ways to make doing good fun. Hence, we have worked really hard to have both challenges and covenants.

With challenges you can create, participate and invite to a challenge - hence inspiring people globally to give towards a cause you or they care about while playing a fun game. There is no telling how far your reach and impact.

With Covenants you can determine your giving terms whoever wants your money must meet to have it released to them. Thus giving you more oversight power over your giving.

Are you thinking of some challenges to initiate? I certainly have some ideas.

Cant wait!!!

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Each week we tirelessly work on adding new features to the platform. One of the latest additions is ability to vote for your favorite campaigns on the leaderboard

For now the campaigns themselves are just sample data but the ability to vote for these categories with XCV will become a reality soon.

Have you already purchased your XCV to be able to vote for these future campaigns?

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If not they better do some bounty work :slight_smile: or buy some.

Our platform continues to evolve and grow and soon you will be able to create and join various challenges to utilise your newly acquired XCV. It wasn’t that long ago when people all over the world were challenging each other to pour ice cold buckets over themselves in order to bring awareness and support for the sake of altruistic goals. We want to bring these fun times back but as always we will need your support to do so so please think of few fun ways to challenge each other.


As Mr F previously mentioned, challenges are just one the of ways that we will offer to make the process of donating more exciting so stay tuned for more updates.

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A minor setback but pushing ahead with the platform again!