Causevest News April - First glimpse of the CC Wallet

News update

Causevest News

Ill start posting our news updates on the forum as well as telegram so lets get started

  1. **Initial look at our new wallet for – Causevest Coin**

Having actually installed and played with this I am really excited. I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to give you a glimpse into the birth of an entirely new type of crypto currency.

  1. **UNI SWAP listing completed:** 

You can now buy our tokens directly from Uniswap at a discount prior to our exchange listing whenever you want here. Remember these tokens can be swapped for causevest coins when the alpha is released. Just click the Uniswap info button below to buy.

  1. **Next Monthly meet up** in May is available 

so register if you want to attend:

  1. **Platform development progress**

A very evil cat has started work on the platform!

Causevest Platform Development Intro


Please let us know about any causes that you want the causevest network to support this month by posting in the link below!

Causevest Pledges for April 2021

  1. To vote for causes that have been pledges for you need to use the Chrome extension wich you can download here and

Causevest's Chrome Browser Extension is live!

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