Register Your Cause Fast!

So you have some XCV now what?

First thing you should do is register at least one cause on the network. 3 MAX per person

Simply post the details about the Cause below and they will be added to our public Cause Registry.

This allows you to get rewards for any donations they receive and a bonus ( Up to 500 XCV) for registering them on the network first!

Your username will be used to identify you to the cause you select.

In your post please tell us,

  • The Cause Name,
  • Details of the Cause( Why did you picked them) ,
  • Contact Details (Who we can speak to and send payments to),
  • Website ( If any)
  • Your username/email ( So we can contract you and make payments to your wallet)

In the future it will cost XCV to register a cause because you get to take a portion of the funds that they raise so take advantage now!

National Geographic, 800-226-4438,, International,, Saving Wild Animals,

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Greenpeace, 1-800-722-6995, International,, Protecting the Planet,

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