Causevest Pledges For March Post here

So with the coronavirus we have been championing a few causes for XCV holders to vote for this month. The Coronavirus Tech Handbook received the most votes so we will be supporting them this month.

They where even kind enough to provide us with a shout out video as thanks.

If you want to support them you can buy XCV, donate directly to our crypto addresses or visit them and make a fiat donation.

Till next month!

Nice work on finding a good Coronavirus cause. That’s been the #1 issue in the world for the past month (and for the next couple of months as well)

I’m going to highlight another content creator I really enjoy for this month: Ross Scott at Accursed Farms. He makes youtube videos and I find that his video quality is fantastic, he has a great sense of humor and a sharp attention to detail. His Youtube, his donation page.