Causevest Coin Offical ANN - Take Back Control Of Your Transaction Fees With XCV


Given the chance to empower the people you love would you take it?

Causevest Coin (XCV) is built for people like you 8)

Causevest Coin (XCV) is a new cryptocurrency, wallet, platform and ecosystem built on a Participatory budgeting blockchain where coin holders vote to decide which good causes should receive the networks transaction fees.

We are a team of old school crypto enthusiasts building a blockchain protocol that incorporates some of the original ideas suggested by the bitcoin development team but never implemented.

We are currently raising funds through a ERC20 - XCV token to pay primarily for protocol development. Whether you are interested in helping others, making an investment return or both, we invite you to join our Cause.

We will empower the new wave of socially conscious cryptocurrency investors.

Only 25% of the XCV coins are available at the soft cap price of 0.016p rising to 0.1p afterwards Early investors always get the best returns.

Buying XCV Coins now gives you a 35% Bonus until August This bonus will decline periodically to 30%,25% ,15% then finally 0% so buy now before the bonus offer ends.

XCV Coin holders can profit quicklyWe will be buying XCV back from investors with our network profits to make donations to causes on our platform this gives you an early investment return. XCV coin holders can also profit by running archive master nodes passively or protecting the network as an operator in all cases you need XCV check out the operator profitability calculators our website.

Learn more about Causevest on our FAQ page or join one of our weekly QnA sessions

[color=blue]We want you grow rich. We want you to generate wealth and redistribute some of it across the causes on our network.[/color]

When you buy XCV coin you are immediately having a positive impact on the causes listed on our network. We believe in disruptive altruism, that is nudging people to do more to help others without them realising it or even wanting to.

The Ideology behind Causevest “extract from our White paper:”

Our financial system was designed to reallocate resources from areas of saturation, for profit and to the benefit of a few individuals at the top of society it then relies on these individuals to re allocate capital efficiently across the economy. Causevest was created to change this by, supporting our network we can help good causes globally, allocating resources to places to help societies from the bottom up.

Some XCV Coin Features

XCV utilises a powerful dual-node architecture that maximises decentralisation and is a much cheaper method of storing the world’s audit data than other chains.

A new protocol - POC solves numerous issues one of which is lowering the barrier to entry into the cryptocurrency income generation, for people who own XCV to earn and generate new coins. Our protocol rewards work done to protect the networks integrity via a mechanism known as “Proof of Cause”

Inbuilt security features provided on the protocol layer greatly improve the security of the network and make it easier for the average person to secure their assets.

An independent chain means full control of where the transaction fees go, which allows us to have a bigger impact on causes our network users support.

We provide clear, easy-to-digest, public audit trails that charities and other donation platforms can connect to. Anyone can use the protocol as a base layer to build new applications.

Like savings in a bank account, users can generate income in XCV by running nodes or by working to maintain the network in order to earn ‘Proof of Cause’ rewards.

Causevest Coin Fund Raise

As you can see most of the funds raised are split between development for our open source software and capital into the Sustainable Giving pot.

Everything raised after the medium cap goes directly to the foundation helping to create a sustainable cycle of giving boosting the value of our coin. Currently the foundation is pre seeded with capital from our founders but with your help we can make it bigger.

Join the community

The Causevest Network is a community of developers, academics and entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting and advancing Causevest Coin. We believe that money should be used as a force for good and that through acts of disruptive altruism we can grasp that belief and force it into reality.

A Final Note

“People often say that they don’t have the power to make a difference. With your help we can transform money into a scalable force for good where people can have a powerful impact effortlessly.” - Mr O