Youtube with no ads!

If you want to watch youtube with no ads just use an add block extension outside of the chrome browser -

for example on microsoft edge

Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker - Microsoft Edge Addons

Looking back I wonder why did I ever install the Chrome browser in the first place? Well it was because they had the extension adblock and internet explorer did not… simple as that.

So long ago this happened that i totally forgot about doing it … well the love affair is over.
I am going back to my old lover he calls himself microsoft edge now.

The world has done a total 360

I find myself back where it all began i hope this helps you if your struggling with adblockers atm.

Feel free to post any more you know of.

I noticed a few days ago that youtube suddenly started being really really slow its only on the chrome browser with add block essentially the browsers notes that you have addblock and then slows down youtube on purpose. I have never seen software attack its own users before…

google is … evil.