With unprecedented enthusiasm for the blockchain market, why does the price of Bitcoin continue to rise? Over $20,000

The interests of the currency is very high, even today, it has deep into the people’s life, but there are also disadvantages, that is the currency of the price will be influenced by bookmakers and the national economy, causing huge price fluctuations, so to test the waters and pioneer should avoid following the hype, related knowledge to keep up.

Now that the price of Bitcoin has reached a record $20,000, the blockchain media is getting ready to hype the event with a well-prepared pitch. In fact, many media pundits thought it was only a matter of time before Bitcoin broke the 20,000 mark, as it passed 19,000 last month.

The area block chain market hot comment is unprecedented

The emergence of this news makes people’s enthusiasm for blockchain market unprecedented.Many individual investors have joined this industry and officially entered the cryptocurrency market. It may have caused the digital currency market to stall because of the influx of new entrants, but bitcoin’s popularity continues to rise, even though it hasn’t affected the overall market.

The current price of Bitcoin is above $20,000, and the next step will be over $23,000. The total appreciation is expected to exceed $400 billion. The rapid appreciation also shows the high demand for Bitcoin.

In 2010, when Bitcoin was launched, the public price was just $0.0025. Now it is as high as $20,000, an increase of $8 million in just a decade, all of which “do more good than harm”.

Famous experts said: now the platform traffic has been formally further expanded, of course, there are some problems can not be avoided, but at present these problems have been gradually resolved, and in the future we will add more servers to achieve the most perfect effect.

At present, the main investment force in the market has undergone structural changes, and institutional investors will turn to individual investors, which will further heat up the market sentiment and lead to substantial fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin. Therefore, it is hoped that investors in multiple markets can remain rational and do not add positions randomly or invest blindly.

Why is the price of Bitcoin rising?

Continued injections of institutional capital and improved regulatory conditions in various countries are responsible for bitcoin’s rise. Now that digital currency transactions have been officially approved in Singapore and Hong Kong, investors and high net worth customers in those two regions will legally participate in all bitcoin transactions.

Now that the U.S. market has officially pulled out of the CME program, PayPal will offer the service to bitcoin players and more money will come into the program, which will push the price of bitcoin to a new high.

Bitcoin is still skyrocketing, and if investors have money, it’s a good return. This is also an indirect indication that in countries with open cryptocurrency, the future market for this asset is promising