Will Causevest Miss the Boat?

Will Causevest Miss The Boat ?

This is a question that our internal team used to ask when we started development. We used to see projects come with large amounts of funding jumping on the pro crypto fever with albeit different visions towards the crypto currency space.

In short many of those sailors make up the 90% of crypto projects that promise the world, build a community based on those promises, raise capital then go bust.

It was the same people behind multiple projects following this same model jumping between boats but even if those boats sank they where at least on the boat.(Coins listed, funds raised , market caps imposed)

What about Causevest?

We have certainly not gone down the traditional route focused primarily on bootstrapping , creating real products and ensuring use cases aka doing it the ugly slow way. We certainly will need to move fast to educate and capture market share.

Can we build a community?

This isn’t the final product our success will come down to how good we are at convincing people to join and take part in our community in that sense we still have alot to learn but see large space for growth within the sector.

Alot of our initial interactions will be to get people to test our products before a final official launch so keep an eye out.

We Live In Turbulent times

With the world looking to dive headfirst into a global recession sending market prices falling leading to some choppy waters will the Causevest boat even survive the coming storm?

The answer is yes the world has more causes than ever before that would benefit from our technology. It’s the perfect opportunity for a alt coin to enter the market with focus on providing a traceable positive impact while providing everything and more you would expect from an independent crypto currency as an alternative store of wealth.

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The real question has changed to once it’s finished in a few months ‘can we get the boat into the water?’ This is what we will be working on next with our first listing and a focus adoption.

We don’t have the biggest boat but it’s our engine

Some people got on the boat but have no control on where the boat is going since we built everything ourselves we control the boat, where it goes and with your help what the eventual size will be so join us on our journey.