The Bank Of England Wants You Poor ... we have a reply

Apparently in the UK we should all get used to being poorer…

The powers that be wants people poor and wretched… to combat inflation but also to achieve Net Zero… in your bank account.

The message has gone from stop asking for higher wages, to asking businesses to stop putting up prices and finally 3) into you need to get used to being poor.

The UK government took in a record £718 Billion during the 2022 period

UK government tax revenue is higher then it has every been in history and as long as the government redistributes that wealth on mass into projects that are not profitable the result is going to be more inflation and poverty for your loved ones.


The government is the main factor for increased prices as they create supply push/cost push inflation and every issue mentioned can be linked to a removable government policy and an increase in the money supply supported by the Bank of England,

Increased rents/prices? Gov laws

Stagnant wages? Gov policies

Reduced purchasing power? Gov taxes

Following the government helps you stay poor with as few freedoms and options as possible so they can dictate what they believe to be the best course of action.

Causevest helps you obtain the freedom and options as possible so you can enact the true best course of actions for yourselves and others.

Our motto is make money and help others at the same time. So when people such as The Bank of England’s Chief Economist, Huw Pill, start blaming us, talking about self sacrifice or taking on our fair share of the burden …

we have a special salute from the Causevest Network
We aim high in the air towards all those pompous assholes
Who spend their days pointing fingers

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