Stages of the Causevest Collective Vesting Network (XCV)

This is the Timeline for the XCV Network and Collective Vested Coin projects in stages.

Stage 1: A Platform for Causes

Build an open source digital giving platform, underpinned by our ledger technology, that gives our stakeholders the opportunity to collectively select the causes they believe the collective should have a vested interest in.

Stage 2: Collective Vesting Token

The Collective Vesting Token can be used to obtain a variety of digital rewards and services on any platform linked to our network, as it is exchanged between donors, causes, and users. The token’s utility is derived from votes made collectively by our stakeholders who drive the direction of resources handed out by our network.

Stage 3: Stakeholders Tokens into Coins

We are building a standalone protocol not reliant on anyone else’s technology meaning that our ultimate stakeholders are coin holders like you.

Our tokens provide funding for development costs and will be convertible into coins once our main net protocol is complete. This will allow node operators and our proof of cause reward protocol to coincide seamlessly across our entire network. Finally bringing down the technical barriers to entry blocking so many users from entering into the space.

Stage 4: Waves Of Disruptive Altruism

XCV is a new type of ideology that can scale globally for the common good. XCV is in its very nature designed to do good, regardless of the desires of the individuals using the coin.

The combination of a decentralised stand alone ledger that links users seamlessly with the positive impact that they have will trickle emotions that grow into powerful waves of disruption. If we want to have a positive impact on the world the type money we use sends a clear signal and has a deep impact. The fact that you use fiat currency means that for all the good you try to do, you’re still part of the problem with XCV you become part of the solution.