So much FUD i'm sick of it

FUD – Fear Uncertainty Doubt

I have seen more then 100 articles bashing Bitcoin Since 2009, then altcoins then the crypto space in general.

Bitcon they called it.

Recently there has been a major draw down as Central banks crash their economies and increase interest rates. As we spoke about at out last event

the relationship between high risk assets and interest rates is relatively predictable but crypto has actually been more resilient than expected.

In the UK since 2009 £100 of fiat is now worth only £62.56 today Where is the outrage?


Who is screaming that the GBP and fiat is doomed?
No one …its silent.

There seems to be no sign of this trend changing either.

While it’s still trying to find its feet and value in the world Bitcoin will continue to be a volatile asset as will Causevest Coin XCV when it is released to the market.
One of the real benefits of owning crypto is the education it provides to its users. Fiat keeps you … numb.

Before you open your mouth to say or ears to listen to a negative thing about Bitcoin check its value between the period it was created and today then compare that to most currencies (yours) you will see that it’s still outperformed.