Pledges for the month of August 2022

Let us know which causes you want us to support this month!

Immunotherapy is the most promising cancer treatment of our time.
With your support, we can fund more breakthrough research
and more cures for cancers of all kinds.

By harnessing the innate powers of the body’s immune system, immunotherapy treatments have the potential to achieve complete, long-lasting remissions and cures for all types of cancer. Immunotherapy is already saving lives, and while responses vary from patient to patient, with further research we can bring more effective treatments to more cancer patients.

My vote this month goes to

Plantarumaarvore is an Organization that develops and implement short and long-term programs for the recovery of degraded areas through the restitution of native forests and native species involving the community.

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I contacted them for a paypal to send them a donation,

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cancer research

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