Pledges for March 2023

Let us know which causes you want to vote for this month!

Hi everyone, here’s a gender-based violence (GBV) activist that would be great to support- Her name is Dorothy Njemanze. You can read more about her here- Survivors Lead the Charge in Nigeria’s Fight for Gender Justice - New Lines Magazine . It’s women’s month :slight_smile: She works directly with survivors and that sphere of the fight to eradicate GBV is so vital but highly underfunded.


Will consider it for a vote

On my side I’d like to support and nominate activist Justyna Wydrzynska to our activist register for her efforts in supporting her cause.

Also made a small personal donation to a sports group in London.

This month I’m going to shill the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective again. They’ve recently come out with some interesting videos I’ve seen and think we should keep supporting them. Check out DIY Plan B – Four Thieves Vinegar Collective and Be a Menstrual Unicorn – Four Thieves Vinegar Collective

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