Pledge Completion November 2020

Its time please post your pledges here and VOTE FOR THEM as well with the extension thank youuuuuuu!!!

This organisation lets people sponsor rooms or places to live for homeless people of the UK and also provides support for all the donations received like blankets and Food for all the homeless people in the UK. Since the whole nation is in a lockdown I feel this cause deserves as much support as others.

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This organisation supports all the elderly people in need of support and help. They provide places to stay, eat and provide carers who take care of all the elderly people. I feel this needs support especially since I have seen so many old people freezing outside in the street without a proper shelter.

Paintingsinhospitals for Jack and Queenie votes

Paintings in Hospitals aims to transform the UK’s health by using world-class art to inspire better health and wellbeing for patients, carers and communities.

Studies show that art can help us stay well, aid our recovery from illness and injury, and support us to live longer, more fulfilling lives. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience these benefits.

Paintings in Hospitals is committed to bringing world-class art to everybody by providing artwork loans and art activities to all types of healthcare and social care.

So I met one of the founders of last week so I am putting them as a group to support

Also in light of black history month the in october also want to give a shout out to

Also purchased a Starbucks for a begger who claimed to want some money for a warm drink

I follow Dr. Sarah Taber and she is going some very interesting political and social work in the rural US South. In particular she is working with Black and Indigenous farmers to try and build sustainable worker-owned farms and could use additional resources.

Her work and podcast are quite interesting, she is knowledgeable and is always willing to call out bullshit without succumbing to elitism. I hope to support her in the future.