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Take me to Church


I decided to take a trip to Hillsong church this January and I made a donation into the tithing collection concluding my giving for the month of January.


When I do go to Hillsong its full of dancing, lights and a club night like atmosphere but the truth is I go to see Matt. It amazes me that this man is always filled with such kindness and joy eveytime we meet he makes a big effort to greet me at the front and ensure i get a front row seat to the action.


When i first met Matt ( and the other lads) many years ago and i found out that they went to church they jokingly invited me along and i threatened to follow up on this offer and attend saying at the time that “I am a man of my word”. To their shock i did turn up and I guess the few times I do go in a way to see them and ultimately to worship with them.

The service itself was interesting as well taking a look the traditional church service and what was involved in it. Highlighting the fact that a gathering is anything with a few people that come together to worship regardless of whether it’s in a sitting room, a church or a theater.

But what really hit me was the speech by the pastor in his very trendy t shirt said ‘wouldn’t it be great if the church gave you money’. He said this as a joke in his mind this was impossible however at Causevest we are working to turn this into a reality.

The preacher mentioned the idea of ‘loving it when the giver delights’ Causevest aims to make giving a more natural and pleasurable act so i was happy to hear this. My hope is in the future when we grow that we are able to work with religious institutions across the world that share our vision.

Set institutions that receive our worker node will have the ability to reward certain types of work as long as they adhere to the Causevest Network rules. This node will give them the power to change the landscape of giving and turn into reality the words the preacher quoted “it is more blessed to give then it is to receive” into a reality.


This month I subscribed to Lindsay Ellis Patreon at the #effort tier. She does in depth cultural youtube videos (her channel is here: here) and is quite funny and enjoyable to watch.


One other cause that I found very interesting is how funding groups are using quadratic funding with gitcoin grants. If you have a github account, and donate to approved causes during a funding round, your donation can be matched over 10x for small amounts. I like to see this funding style increase and hope to build similar systems into Causevest in the future.