Pledge completion month of February 2020 - add your pledges here

I was recently stopped by some people raising funds for the Global Brigades.


After hearing about what they do and doing a bit of research i decided to make a donation and support them as my pledge for February. One of the big issues at the moment is the refugee crisis in Syria has recently forced a large number of people to come into Europe. The need for voluntary and charitable support has greatly increasedas a result of this migration.

In fact one of the early case studies for why we wanted to support volunteers and give them rewards via proof of cause was based on experiences with volunteers having their work taken by bigger well funded charities and those charities making it as if they had done the work themselves.

What if this could all be traced on a blockchain what if we could support volunteers from the bottom up?

Either way this is my pledge for February.

Specifically the ladies in this photo where supporting refugees in Greece and I’m glad to say now the Causevest Network and its users are supporting them as well!


Looks like an important cause Malcolm, what the EU has done to Greece and the Syrian people over the last decade has been awful. My monthly pledge is on a lighter note, I subscribed to Covert Go Blue (CGB)'s twitch channel (here). He is my favorite MTGA streamer.

Since my monthly pledge was personal, I’m going to shill Esra’a Al Shafei and her projects. I’ve linked her podcast ( around earlier, but did you know she also is the founder of a number of good causes focused on issues in the middle east? Check them out here: