Pledge Completion month November - feel free to add your pledges here

So pledges for November !!! post them here. This is mine.

I pledge to do a minimum of one altruistic act a month - I went to support a small LGBT focus eventX in the midlands

I pledge to vote each month for good causes for the Causevest Network to support- N/A but when the platform is up ill put my votes in

I pledge to put 1% of my income into the crypto currency sector- I bid for more XCV … i am biased though

I pledge to audit the actions of a good cause to provide proof- n/a awaiting platform

I pledge to promote a cause that I care about - This month i decided to promote
Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020 Friday 20 November.

Photo from Malcolm O (1)

I went in person to hear a vigil and it was heart breaking and sad to learn that a large number of transgender people are killed around the world. There was music and prayer and it ended with a moment of silence as the number of dead people for the year where played across the screen.

Photo from Malcolm O (2)

I was proud to be able to help even if only a little to support this community. My hope is we at Causevest with your help can continue to support more commintues around the world.

Some of the list was here

For more information about this cause take a look at