Pledge Completion month December - add your pledges here

So its December true to my word I will complete another set of Causevest Pledges

I pledge to do a minimum of one altruistic act a month – Gave advice to a beggar on getting off the streets for good

I pledge to vote each month for good causes for the Causevest Network to support- N/A but when the platform is up ill put my votes in

I pledge to put 1% of my income into the crypto currency sector- purchase made

I pledge to audit the actions of a good cause to provide proof- n/a awaiting platform

I pledge to promote a cause that I care about -

I wanted to promote and make a donation to open democracy group because i enjoyed this article but in particular this post and its relevance to our project.

“Labour’s proposals could be summarised as a core argument: we will use politics to make your life better. But if people don’t believe in the political system, they won’t trust you. Corbyn should have raged against elite rule, and promised a new democracy, by the people, for the people. He should have tapped into the anti-systemic energy. It should have been '[ by the many] He could have won.”

Full article was

Instead of for the many it should have been ‘by the many’. I don’t really want to share my political views as strong as they may be however the UK and Brexit has been a major talking point this year and i wanted to highlight any cause that stands up for democracy. We are a participatory budgeting blockchain after all.

Happy New Year!

Here is my set of Causevest Pledges:

I’ll vote and audit when the platform is up, of course.

As for donating. I signed up to give $1 to Miracle of Sound, a songwriter and music video creator (Youtube Bandcamp Patreon)

I’ve listened to his music for free for years, but this project has forced me to finally get around to giving him some money :grin:

And I’ll even go the extra mile and promote another cause: I read Edwards Snowden’s Permanent Record over the Christmas break (get it for free here) and discovered the cause of Snowden’s Guardian Angels a fund for refugees in Hong Kong who helped Snowden so they can get residence in another country. With all of the instability in Hong Kong over the past year, it seems like their cause is important. Also, you can donate with crypto, and given the situation, the censorship resistance is probably useful, so if you have any extra coins lying around, feel free to send them their way.

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