Official Broker Announcement


Hi everyone,

my name is Armando and I am one of the official brokers for Cryptovest and Causevest.
I have been dealing with many different aspects of cryptocurrencies world as a whole (mining, trading, brokerage, etc), and I will be more than happy to guide you and introduce you to this new interesting and promising sector, plus facilitate your transaction whenever you will need to do so.

Also as a Causevest broker, I can connect your cause to the Causevest Platform, in order to enable you to receive multiple donations in XCV coins (I can also help you convert those coins in your national currency, if you wish to do so), so feel free to get in touch if you represent any type of cause and you would like to receive donations.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me with any question that you might have, looking forward to hearing from you soon.



  • OTC (over the counter, without impacting market price, ideal for any size of trade) buying and selling of any cryptocurrency (both national-currency/crypto and crypto/crypto) with particular focus on XCV and BTC coins.

  • Buy it for me - purchase of offline/online items

  • OTC broking with no price risk (no market impact for our client as you will be dealing directly with us, causeway capital absorbs price risk)

  • AMA - Ask me anything you would like to know about crypto, for free

  • Wealth management consultancy - portfolio allocation set up and construction

  • We can also manage cash transactions (in which case we can use our discreet central London location (City area)

  • Additional services can be offered on demand


Hours: Mon – Sun: 08:00- 22:00

note I can be contacted via the mail below 24/7 and I will reply to you asap (usually within a few hours max). For urgent transactions, even if I am not available on the spot another broker will be happy to assist

Phone Number: tba

Email Address: (private encrypted mail for every communication)

Identification: KYC might be required


Cash deposit

Bank transfer

Crypto transfer