Offical Broker Update

My name is Kaleb Arthur and I am also another official member of the broking team at CrytoVest and Cause vest. I provide a number of services which involves dealing with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, XCV with goods and services. As a broker of cause vest, any causes that you are passionate about and would like to receive donations via our platform, I am more than happy to help.


Buy it for me - purchase of offline / online items

OTC broking with no price risk - causeway capital absorbs price risk

Reverse processing - convert customers from fist into crypto and remove your fiat footprint

Ama - ask me anything

Weather management consultancy- portfolio allocation set up and construction

Contact Methods:

Hours: Mon – Sun: 10:00- 24:00

note Between Thursday and Sunday if I am not available another broker will be happy to assist

Contact Number: n/a

Email Address:

Meeting Preferences: London but also willing to travel

Identification: No ID, Id required for large transactions

Payment methods:

Cash deposit e.g.

Automated via CrytoVest

Bank transfer