News - 06/06/2022


  1. 1 XCV = $0.01346
  2. 1 BTC = $31,396.30
  3. 1 ETH = $1905.56


  1. U.S. Senator Lummis bill integrating crypto into financial system to be unveiled this week
  1. Blockchain-based move-to-earn app Stepn under DDoS attacks after upgrade
  1. Bitcoin Flashes Buy Signal for the First Time Since January
  1. Over $70 billion inflows crypto market in 24 hours as Bitcoin breaks resistance at $31k
  1. Octagon Networks is the first cybersecurity firm to convert its entire balance sheet to Bitcoin
  1. Bitcoin, Ethereum Jump 5% as Crypto Market Rebounds
  1. Change of Direction? Bitcoin Finally Ended its Longest Ever Sequence of 9 Red Weeks
  1. Towerbank Becomes First Bank in Latin America to Declare Itself ‘Crypto Friendly’
  1. Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ADA, XLM, XMR, MANA
  1. Long-Term Correlation Between Bitcoin and Wall Street Waned as BTC Has Better Returns (Report)