My journey at the RDSD internship program

My name is Blessing Ayuba, and I am one of the interns at RDSD internship program. I am a physiologist and a product manager.
My internship at RDSD has been a great and educational experience. I have gained valuable skills, made meaningful connections, and learned work experience skills. I learned about Gender, NGO financial management, and monitoring evaluation and so much more. These skills have greatly improved my understanding of certain fields. I and my group worked on an article( The Role of Data in Shaping the Educational Policies in Nigeria), it was my first time writing an article but I was ready to challenge myself, and it came out well. One of my significant contributions was having to proofread the article which helped me understand the topic more.
This internship has significantly shaped my life goals by preparing me for the work life. A memorable experience was at my primary place of assignment, I was asked to carry out a task, which I found easy to do because I had attended a training session on community engagement training.
I am grateful for the opportunity to be an intern at the RDSD internship program. I appreciate Causevest for the continuous support and mentorship provided by the team and I look forward to gaining more knowledge. Thank you once again for this valuable experience.