My Journey as an RDSD intern

I am Yakwo Precious S., currently a student of Political Science and International Relations at University of Abuja.

During the course of the RDSD internship, I have had the privilege to learn and grow in numerous ways. One of the key skills I have developed is proficiency in Google Workspace. This has not only enhanced my productivity but also equipped me with essential tools that I will continue to use in my professional career.

Additionally, the insightful discussions and training sessions on the difference between Sex and Gender as well as Community engagement have broadened my understanding and sensitivity towards these critical social issues.

The breadth of knowledge and skills I have gained goes beyond these highlights. Every task, project, and interaction has contributed to my growth and confidence. The supportive role of Causevest in this journey is very crucial, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Thank you once again for this incredible opportunity. I look forward to applying what I have learned and continuing to contribute positively to the community and beyond.

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