My Introduction

Hi everyone,

Femi is my name and I just joined the Causevest team. I am of Africa descent from a country called Nigeria, where I have lived all my life before embarking on an academic journey at Coventry University, London, studying Financial Technology at the Masters level. Before FinTech M.Sc, my academic and professional background were essentially in accounting, finance and management. However, I’ve decided to combine now and the future by adding ‘Technology’ to my ‘Finance’. Fundamentally, Blockchain is one of the pillar of my course, which on a side makes Causevest a perfect fit, and my believe in causes such as ‘education for all’, preservation of the environment and alleviation of poverty, on the other.

To wrap up, I am excited to be here and look forward to contributing my quota to this ‘Cause’.

Great to be here!