My feedback as an RDSD Internship Program for Empowerment Intern

I just write to express my heartfelt appreciation and motivation for participating in the internship program sponsored by RDSD in partnership with Causevest so far. The experiences from the last season and the session on Research have been profoundly educational and inspiring.

The sessions we had last season were exceptional in terms of content and delivery. The facilitators demonstrated deep expertise and a genuine passion for their fields, making each topic not only understandable but also highly engaging. Their ability to translate complex concepts into practical knowledge has significantly enhanced my learning experience.

The training on “Research” was equally remarkable. The interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and real-world applications provided a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The facilitators were well-prepared and equipped with the latest insights, ensuring that we received top-tier education and training.

The support and resources provided by RDSD and Causevest have been invaluable. The program’s structure, combined with the quality of the training sessions, has equipped me with skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to my career aspirations. It has also motivated me to pursue further learning and development in this field.

Thank you for this incredible opportunity. I am eager to continue participating in this program and am excited about the future events and learning experiences it will offer.


We love this glad to see you doing so well.

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