My name is Ikyaahemba Msoo patience An intern at RDSD , I’m a food scientist, a seamstress , I make beautiful outfits for women to improve their self confidence and appearance.

Being part of this program is really a scarce opportunity I’m not willing to take for granted. Thank you RDSD and thank you coursevest for not relenting in helping to build individuals, preparing them for the corporate world! .

This internship has taught me so much I never imagined or saw as not a difficult task.
Through this medium I understand so much about the google work space
Community engagement, Gender, writing, report writing, how to gain scholarship programs, NGo financial managements that I could even relate most of them to my personal life and experiences.

RIPE has made me understand that even your attitude and language has to be professional and it has greatly disciplined me with even my day to day interactions with my clients…
Through RIPE I can make reports, share mails , respond to them and do so much more
RIPE has Made it so easy for me to hold and keep conversations with other in confidence that I know what I’m saying…

Genuinely, I can not communicate my level of gratitude enough and as I always say at the end of my review videos!!!
Thank you so much RDSD thank you so much coursevest it’s always an exciting learning experience with you and I’m looking forward for more opportunities.