My Experience as an RDSD intern at RIPE

I am Ojali-iye Aduku, a second-year undergraduate at the University of Calgary, studying Economics. My experience at RIPE has been very beneficial and interesting. The training sessions have not only broadened my perspective but also provided me with essential knowledge. For example, I had never heard of community management before this internship but the training on this topic was very informative. The data and research session significantly improved my research abilities. I learned methods that have improved my ability, to gather data and analyse data for research. This is very beneficial for my economics degree and professional growth. Financial literacy was another important topic covered during the training. I learnt about its importance, pillars, principles in both personal and professional contexts. My daily routines and habits have changed since being an RDSD intern. I now check my emails and phone texts frequently to ensure I am updated. I have also developed the habit of trying to finish my tasks on time, which has improved my productivity and time management skills. I find the trainings to be very interesting and interactive as the Facilitators foster a positive learning environment and offer great assistance when needed. I am very grateful to be part of this experience.