Meetup Febuary 2023

At the most recent event we presented on the Causevest Altruism Team and where lucky enough to have talks from Lucy and Ben on what they are looking for when it comes to new team members.

I had the pleasure of meeting some new people including a co hort of digital transformation students including Wendy, Jam and Guan (forgive the spelling)

Also spotted El Hady again an alumini at the Cov Uni campus

It was really great hosting the February Meetup

During the event we were asked why we have decided to build and L1 and we highlighted some of the security flaws we are trying to protect users against. For example AllianceBlock recently experienced sometrouble this month due to an exploit on its DAO bridge in which approximately 110 million ALBT tokens have been stolen.

“AllianceBlock is currently working on a solution to compensate affected ALBT holders. AllianceBlock intends to take a snapshot of the network prior to the attack, then create new ALBT tokens and airdrop them. Any addresses that continue to trade ALBT after the snapshot will not receive the new token. For more information, please see their official Twitter announcement.”

Building on our own base layers allows us to learn from the mistakes of others projects and ensure that we have security measure and builds in place that protect L2 applications from facilitating fraud so easily.

Really looking forward to seeing you next month where we will likely be show casing our nodes for the first time anddd maby a little entertainment.

Look forward to seeing you at the next event!