Meetup August 2022 recap

So to recap our meetup in August!


During the August meet up we had an ‘Introduction to trading’ by Vardhan who covered a wide range of topics such as mining, staking and option trading.


I also gave the first Intro to our blockchains conveyor belt plus crumbs system which allows smaller causes to also receive funding alongside more popular causes that get voted for on the network.

I got grilled on a few elements of the Causevest network including reputations systems , investigatory audits, why we built Causevest coin and

I had the pleasure of meeting Martin a Doctor from the Czech republic happy to accept XCV for his services. He also had some good ideas for health insurance.

Zak who when he’s not working with data loves biltong( a man of my heart) and Peter who works on software development for websites.


Her Majesty Virgina returned to us this month  this always puts a massive smile on my face as Virgina was there when i first proposed Causevest publicly as a concept.


Hyro who has a run for charity coming up in September that we are looking forward to supporting ! He also works on his own crypto currency development projects.

Justin who managed to find time to pray in the corner forever dedicated!

Thank you to everyone who attended and looking forward to seeing you in September!