Meetup April 2024

It was great meeting you at the last meeting.

The previous month we discussed the Causevest command line cli as we are prepping to launch our test net.

This month we looked at our investment portfolio basics, the benefits of investing into the crypto currency space and the general investment environment. We also looked at more features of the Causevest protocol in regards to the coin pools generated from transaction fees.

Next month we will be doing analysis on particular coins – as selected by you!

Please be sure to join our telegram and get in touch with any follow up questions points or notes from the meeting.

Notes and points from the last meeting

Inflation linked money supply is not a problem if the underlying productivity rises however we see regulations and a conflict policy towards reducing productivity. Actually we monitor wealth destruction as the primary trigger for inflation based investing.

In regards to risk / reward for holding crypto assets someone mentioned i was describing the sharpe ratio this is close but not correct as we do not bench mark against a risk free asset when managing risk. We don’t believe US fiat to be risk free so we use other ratios.

There was mention of an altruistic chain, an altruistic payment processor as well please share that info with us if you have time.