Meetup April 2022 Decentralisation focus Bootcamp

It was a pleasure meeting everyone, new faces and the regulars at the last Causevest Meetup both online and physically.

We had an actual blockchain bootcamp instead of the live performances for a change! We went in deep and discussed the point of decentralisation, economic finality and the point of being a network peer.


I really enjoyed hearing some of your thoughts on the geopolitical issues and was pleasantly surprised to hear so many various opinions.

.> We also had a great demonstration of how to do a rugby tackle!

Next month we have Daniel Brockwell a DeFi Analyst who will be giving an introduction to Introduction to DeFi” investment strategies.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sorry to have missed the event. I have a regular class on a Thursday evening during term time. I hope to join a live meetup again one if these days.

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Really looking forward to seeing you when you do!