Meet Up January 2024 Recap Breath Deep

I took in a deep breath then I pushed the air out as I did I held my breath desperate to breath it was reminiscent of being underwater and wanting to break that calm peaceful moment just before you start to panic and gasp for air.

In this moment I heard a voice talking to me calmly reminding me to swallow if I was tempted to breath.
Asking me what I wanted to forget and move on from last year and what I wanted to move forward to and achieve in 2024.

I felt as if my head was being pulled up while my feet where being pulled down like a cartoon character being stretched and ultimately remolded.

The person next to me was in a slump as if he was dead I later found out he was in a trance.

What started as a session on blockchain technology across a multitude of asset classes and a brief introduction into causevest.

Turned into a spiritual an emotional rollercoaster thanks to the Cause we where highlighting for the month of January unguarded warriors. A cross between a business consultancy session and a meditation session left me with a mixture of positive feelings and emotions.

A reminder of the power of creating a blockchain that is focused on creating a positive impact is that every now and then that positivity finds itself reflected back at you.

I have so far even used the breath work technique i was taught more than 5 times to both calm down and achieve a relaxed more focused state of mind.

So what are we looking forward to in 2024?

The release of our first test net for our CLI the backbone of Causevest coin what was a dream written on paper in a field surrounded by Cows in Switzerland is about to become a reality the quiet birth of a new blockchain.

I really enjoyed the session hope to see new and old faces at the next one which will be used to support poets you can also see rare footage of me crying about all my exes xD all for a good cause.