Just an Introduction

Hello everyone,

Faatimah here. I’m new to Causevest, currently helping out with management etc. I’m native to Africa and currently residing there, however raised and lived most of my life in the West ( UK in particular).

I read Law in university (though, not in the legal profession right now). I’ve had a casual interest in the crypto currency/community for a few years, but can’t claim to have an in depth knowledge ( I’m just a curious cat about most things ). I’m into humanitarian or charity projects and desire to make a small difference in the day-to-day lives of individuals’ basic survival needs - food, running water, shelter a better standard of living. I know it might sound cliche, but this ‘need’ is seen everywhere around me ( women, children, orphans, the intellectually disabled etc.). So imagine when Causevest popped into my radar! A combining of my crypto curiosity with a passion of mine. Anyways, I look forward to us doing great things together within each of our individual passionate causes!

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Great to have you on deck!