Josefa Cruz Surgery Fund

This cause is for my friend Joesfa. I have known her for nearly a year. She lives in Mexico city and works for AMANC where she helps parents deal with the cancer of their children. It is a difficult job, but is also very rewarding. She came to my aid last year when another friend of mine was deported to Mexico city without any money or place to stay. She took my friend into her apartment for a few months until my friend was able to find a job in another city.

Last month, the Network helped her pay for transport to an important funeral for he friend’s father. I have a bus ticket from this trip here:

(I took too long to ask so she didn’t save the plane ticket, that was my fault).

Josefa has been struggling with cancer for the last year and recently things took a turn for the worse. After a lot of pain and blood she had a colonoscopy which showed the cancer was aggressively spreading and she needed surgery as soon as possible to remove part of her colon. She has been fundraising via Ethereum and Twitter using this address:


She has raised some money, but is still $400 short. She wants to schedule the surgery as soon as possible so if the Causevest Network could cover it, it would help a lot. Lets save her!

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Done glad we could help 4000 xcv at hard cap price donated covering $400 usd