Join The Causevest Community as an Operator

Are you a cryptocurrency miner looking for a new opportunity, community and educational group with a twist?

Then look no further! Causevest is a new participatory budgeting blockchain we try to help the members of our network profit with the aim of putting donating some of the profits back to good causes. In Causevest, we don’t call it miners, we call it operators.

We are also looking for people who are interested in being operators who are extremely important in our networks as operators may generate coins via Proof of Cause (PoC) from registering and validating causes.

There are 2 types for operators:

  1. Supporter Operators
    Actively find causes that need to be supported, publish it on the blockchain via the platform and utilise platform tools to see if anyone else wants to support the same cause.
  2. Maintainer Operators
    Upholding the community guidelines and procedures, validate the identity of the end beneficiary, check audit data for mistakes, present due diligence on causes, organise categories, resolve any contract disputes and vote on the overall integrity of the cause

So we need operators like you to join our community!

If your interested in becoming a causevest broker or joining our broking community please introduce yourself here