Join The Causevest Community as a Broker

Are you a cryptocurrency broker looking for a new opportunity, community and educational group with a twist?

Then look no further! Causevest is a new participatory budgeting blockchain we try to help the members of our network profit with the aim of putting donating some of the profits back to good causes.

We are also looking for people who are interested in being a broker and as we mentioned in the advert for lead broker, we will support you with liquidity in our network for all cryptocurrencies (especially XCV).

We need people that able to assist the conversion of coins to fiats since not all countries have the infrastructure.

So we need traders like you to join our community!

You will also need to help expanding our communities by getting potential customers, communicating with the current and potential customers on our behalf and push sales which all be rewarded with XCV.
If your interested in becoming a causevest broker or joining our broking community please introduce yourself here