Introduction of Haris Masood

Hello Causevest community,

I hope everyone is doing well.

My name is Haris Masood and today I am officially joining Causevest community as an intern. I am an ACCA Affiliate, currently studying Msc Global Financial Trading at Coventry university London with extended professional practice at Causevest. Previously I have worked with professionals in a fast-paced environment and successfully achieved targets on time as a finance intern.

I have also worked as a voluntary intern at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) as I find peace of mind being close to nature and it’s creatures. In recent times due to corona virus we all have experienced how it feels is to be trapped and I firmly believe everyone should be be given a right to live freely. As working with causewest I will try to promote this cause in which we give freedom to every living creature to live freely.


I am looking forward to work with you all.

Kind regards,
Haris Masood

Nice to meet you! I’m Ben, and I work on protocol development. I hope you interns have a good summer.

Thank you Ben. Looking forward to work with you.

Welcome to the Causevest Network

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Welcome on board Haris :slight_smile:


Lucy give him workkkk