How Causevest is Supporting the Ripe Program

I’m by Name Miachi Joseph Daniel, graduate of Marketing, I’m proficient in MS word, graphic designer particularly in Animation, I love farming, cooking, watching football and I’m currently a part-time lecturer at Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State Nigeria. Ever since I started this internship have not regret at all, it has broaden my knowledge, all the topics treated are so inspiring like research, where we learned how to differentiate between qualitative and quantitative research, how to gather data by visiting previous articles and publications. Another interesting topic is Gender, where I learnt the difference between Gender and sex which most people misconstrued. Also Financial literacy, where I learnt importance of finance, how to manage finance, pillars of financial management which are (planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring) all this aforementioned pillars of financial management are very crucial in our lives. I also learnt how to use Google document, Google sheet for the first time. And this program have thought me how to be time conscious in any of my activities. I want to thank RDSD, CAUSEVEST for always giving us professional facilitators to teach and mentor us.
Thank you.