How Causevest Foundation is supporting the RDSD Internship Program for Empowerment (RIPE)

Hi everyone, last week we started the internship program which aims to empower and train passionate youths to attain their goals and develop capabilities, efficiencies, and functionalities to thrive in their future endeavors.

we have successfully onboarded 10 interns, and so far they have learnt the following:

  1. Writing effective emails and professional responses
  2. how to set up and manage google calendars for efficient scheduling
  3. how to integrate google workspace tools into their workflow for collaborative work
  4. how to wrote bogs and articles and reports for various activities and projects and,
  5. They have also been equipped with strategies to leverage social media platforms effectively for their work.

This week, they would learning community engagement and also gender.

Images seem to be uploading fine on my side.