Hamza "Environmental Activism"


Activism consists of efforts to motivate, obstruct, direct, or intercede in social, political, economic and environmental reform with the will to make changes in society.

What is Environmental Activism?

Environmental activism is the fact of defending the environment by protesting and expressing our point of view seeking to create a social or economic changing in relation to environment.

What is the cause that I care about?

The cause that I care about is the environment, as it is an important subject and it concerns the whole world, nowadays it can be noticeable by the climate change that the environment have been harmed by different kind of human activities. I defend this cause because it concerns the quality of life of each individual and also the future of humanity.

What is the way that I will choose to defend this cause?

First, the community of activist of Environmental protection UK will post different articles and documentaries that shows in a realistic way the harms that have been done to the earth due to pollution and excess of production in different industries such as automobile and gas, secondly they will provide different ways that teach each individual how to reduce pollution starting by himself and the small family, people can use different ways such as recycling more and try to stop the use of plastic and if they can they try to buy electric cars instead of old cars, this kind of individual actions can provide a huge positive effect, Finally to help more the activist will try to reach the biggest industries and activist movement by promoting in media the risk that our planet is risking if big industries still produce the same amount of toxic gases, by doing that and by the insistence of activism many regulations can be imposed by the government to the big industries to reduce production, and step by step new ways will be discovered by the improvement of science this will create a new hope for a more prospect world.

How to use causevest in defending the environment?

By the use of the spec. pot it can be possible to invest in causevest to defend a specific cause which is environment, in that way causevest will help activist that care about environment and share the money collected to this specific cause, in that way benefits can be made in two ways by defending the cause that you want to defend and also by making money by investing in XCV.


All in all, investing in Causevest will provide double benefit, as it defends a cause that you care about and in the same time gains can be made by trading in the market. This investment will make the owner of XCV proud of himself as it defends a great cause and provide economic benefit as well.