General Blockchain Meeting #1 on 12/17/19

Meeting time is 6:00 pm EST (11:00pm UTC). Apologies for forgetting this.

Everyone is invited to an open blockchain meeting on the Causevest discord (link here if you don’t have it.). This meetings discussion will be on nodes, what are they, why do they exist, what do they do, and what their important properties are.

Nodes form the foundation of any blockchain system. They are how an individual can interact with the system through code without having to directly trust third parties for the information. Nodes talk to each other over the peer to peer (p2p) network, share transactions, and come to consensus on what the blockchain is through the consensus algorithm (to be more deeply discussed in a future meeting) and can create new blocks (with restrictions). Right now there are around 7500 ethereum and over 5000 bitcoin nodes operating. I will also talk about the Causevest node system and how it fits in with previous projects.

Useful reading:

Mastering Bitcoin: Chapter 3 is an in depth explanation of the Bitcoin Core node and how to set it up and run it.


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