Free Hugs From A Few Warriors For Christmas

On the 16th of December I joined up with Unguarded Warrior to give out free hugs in Trafalgar square.

Unguarded Warrior is the brain child of James O’keefe and Kaine Stormberg they are on a mission to combat male suicide.

They create transformative retreats, workshops, and experiences that empower men to reclaim their strength, restore their spirits, and rewrite their narratives.

Now I have to admit I have never given out free hugs before so I wasn’t sure what to expect!

Watching a man’s face turn from full gloom to a toothy smile after hearing that a hug was on offer, having a child run up to me then jump into my arms or the lady from China who quietly tapped my back to ask for a hug for her and her entire family kinda sealed the deal.

After seeing peoples reactions i realised that these actions no matter how small they might seem have a larger positive impact a bit like the Causevest Network itself.

The altruistic arm of Unguarded Warrior dealing with mental health is one of the many causes that the Causevest network is proud to support and it’s fantastic to have their Cause registered and validated on the causevest network.

We will also be hosting one of their workshops at our monthly meetup in January so you can see how we intertwine blockchain technology with causes that want to have a positive impact live.

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Register for Causevest Coins at

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