Flaws and Corruption

I’m really interested in hearing all kinds of flaws people can try to bring to the table in a system. From simple to complex. Flaws in other cryptocurrencies to flaws people see in Causevest. There has been some thoughts related to this topic discussed in Causevest and the Anti-corruption Drive. However I’m adding a general ecosystem topic on corruption and flaws to discuss any kind of flaws in the Causevest ecosystem or in other cryptocurrencies as well. Its recognized that we need good checks and balances for systems like this to work and that’s why its always interesting to see what kinds of things people come up with to try and break a system. If you assume a system is flawless, it will flawlessly fail. But if ideas evolve, they can survive. So bring your worst fears and wildest schemes, they may just save Causevest.

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This is a fantastic post! I really hope you can think of something to challenge our system and help it improve! Empress has laid out the challenge :slight_smile: