FAQ Suggestions

Here’s some faq suggestions I made, inspired by some of my conversations with malcom, most of these faqs are here to help to establish more confidence in usability and legitimacy of the coin. Id be happy to take more suggestions in terms of explaining proof of cause and stake and so on in a way that’s concise and informative. I may come back and add my own input once I have a chance to study the whitepaper in depth again.


Are the founders of Causevest trying to exert influence over charitable causes?

Causevest is trying to be a decentralized platform for charities.
The users vote democratically to choose what charities to fund.
Think of it as a democractic platform.

Charities are great but what features does the coin offer in terms of usability?

Our cryptocurrency is more secure, it has built in protections to prevent you from getting hacked on an exchange or sending to the wrong address. Add More?

How do I know this is not a scam?

We believe that its best to use a trust but verify tactic when it comes to determining where you invest
your time and money. We are upfront about our credentials and we wish to aid you if you wish to research our companies validity, if you have more questions please contact us at ….

What steps does Causevest take to insure that charities are not fraudulent?

Explain proof of cause and other details

How does Causevest and XCV plan to raise awareness and gain credibility

Causevest’s marketing mission is prioritized on first finishing XCV and gather a number of initial interested causes and partnerships from community suggestions then later to focus primarily on marketing to XCV coin investors once core structures are in place.

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Wellll hhelloooooo long time love that you are doing this. Mr Wahala please help with the answers. If he doesn’t i will.