Developer Recruitment Post

This is the developer recruitment post, but on our own forum, so I can link to it if someone wants a quick explanation of what the project is and why.

I’m part of the team. We’re a grassroots team of volunteers and developers looking to build a participatory budgeting blockchain cryptocurrency to help good causes around the world. In addition to major causes, we’re also looking to help smaller causes that often slip through the cracks including open source software, art, music, and individual causes.

I’m working with Causevest because I want to build a system that can solve these problems, and I don’t want it to be completely tied to a corporation. I’m also interested in how we can use social technologies such as participatory budgeting, and liquid democracy to find new ways to solve problems. If you want more information about this, such as why we want to use a blockchain at all, check out my posts here:

We are working on building a platform and a protocol, but we need your help.

We’re looking for do-gooders, donors, and developers who are interested in helping with our early stage protocol development and working to support causes they believe in.

If you’re interested, you can contact us at, or register here and introduce yourself

Thank you,
Mr. Wahala

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