‘Could A More Individualistic World Also Be A More Altruistic One?’ by Abigail Marsh

I found this gem of an article by Abigail Marsh written in 2018 titled ‘Could A More Individualistic World Also Be A More Altruistic One?’

This article highlights one of the areas that has inspired the creation of the Causevest Network which is to help its users make money while helping others at the same time the conclusion of the article is that statistically “becoming better off may actually make people better-hearted” .

I have taken it upon myself to highlight some of the points below.

  • Individualism is on the rise nearly everywhere

  • People increasingly report that want their children to be independent, and value free expression.

  • 2015 is the first year in recorded history in which fewer than 10 percent of all people lived in extreme poverty,

  • Equating individualism and the wealth that promotes it, with selfishness may be a mistake.

  • As evidenced, the world’s wealthiest and most individualistic countries also happen to be some of the most altruistic.

  • The Charities Aid Foundation is finding that, altruism is, like individualism, on the rise everywhere. The world is becoming more generous over time, not less.

  • Members of collectivist cultures do very much value generosity and giving — but primarily toward family and members of other close-knit groups.

  • Among collectivist cultures, it is more likely to be assumed that a stranger will stay a stranger.

  • In what are called minimal group paradigms, people can be induced to downgrade the value of a stranger’s welfare

  • In individualist cultures, higher relational mobility means that anyone unfamiliar could “one day become a friend,”

  • Becoming better off may actually make people better-hearted.

The research on collectivist groups highlights a trend that I have personally noticed in groups both big and small. I have found individual entrepreneurs tend to be the most altruistic people its one of the reasons the causevest network is building a list of businesses that do altruistic acts on its database to help them connect with like minded customers and connect them both to our blockchain.


What do you think are collectivists more selfish or more generous and why?