Chrome Browser Extension

We’ve been working hard over here at Causevest HQ on our upcoming Chrome Browser Extension.

Proud to say we’ve now finished the login, adverts and messaging functionality on the extension.

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 16.27.25

The adverts are a non-intrusive moveable banner that can be switched on/off in the extension menu, and provide passive income to the Causevest network.
So that you can donate to good causes as you browse!

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 16.27.11

The ads appear over whatever website you are on, and work even if you have adblock on (as long as you whitelist causevest) so that you do not have to see intrusive ads on websites in order to view ours that will fund causes you support!

The messaging system allows users to talk on individual websites and pages in a “reddit” or “disqus” style message thread system and like other users’ posts and comments.

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 16.30.06

The messaging has a “most popular” page, where users can easily see and find pages where other user’s are talking in real time. We’re really looking forward to what the community does with this and how people will use a “users only” messaging board on other websites, able to get past censorship or leave comments/feedback.

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 16.28.20

We also polished a few other features like uploading own avatar pictures and a plethora of little UX/UI changes.
Not to mention install the extension onto our own servers! Which now works a-okay :slight_smile:

Next up to build is the voting functions.

The voting will enable users to vote for causes that they want to support. Essentially, users will submit new causes, and (theoretically) in tandem with the messaging, attempt to pull attention to their cause, to get other users involved so that we might fund and donate to that cause.
Once the voting is done, the extension will be our first finished tech product!

We’re working on making a soft launch with the MVP of the voting section this month, watch this space :slight_smile:

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Nice very nice looking forward to spamm… i mean leaving constructive secret messages.