Causevest Pledges for March 2021

Ok March is here please provide any causes or charities that you want to support for march.

For me a charity and also a cause that i want to support is standalone there are so many people who are out there totally alone with no friends of family to turn to. I really hope they the can find the support they need and you are always welcome to the network!


Common Wheel

Common Wheel is a charity that provides a series of activity for the mental patients. Their mission is to improve mental health, improve skills and reduce isolation through meaningful activities that support people with mental illness and dementia.

1. Project Introduction

This article illustrates the reason why we choose “Common Wheel ” to vote.

Project activity background

Common wheel supports people with mental illness by providing meaningful activities. They have four projects. Their bicycle program supports people to repair and recycle old bicycles into “old and new” bicycles for customers to ride and keep. Their music programs support people to sing, play and create music. Their visual arts project, the carnival club, supports the design and production of large-scale works of art, which are displayed in various parades in Glasgow.

Their rock climbing project started in August and is working with the climbing Academy. Their programs aim to improve mental health and support people to learn new skills. There is evidence that physical activity is beneficial for mental health as well as physical health, and that climbing is particularly effective. Please support this cause and get more people involve those activities project.

Project objectives

Their vision is that people living with mental illness in Glasgow will be able to live meaningful, fulfilling lives and contribute to society.

The Premise of Feasibility Analysis

Use the Google plug-in product from Causevest and collect the votes.

The Feasibility Analysis of the Helper

The project works with a variety of groups through a rich variety of activities. Provide all kinds of help to patients with mental disabilities, especially during the COVID-19 when the NHS lacked capacity.

By working together and supporting each other like this, projects can save lives faster.

Policy Analysis

The government does not impose strict restrictions on philanthropy. Instead, it gives some support.

Feasibility Analysis of Project Proposal

There is Causevest powerful voting block chain plugin technology support, support for the helper will not be abused and misappropriated. It could ensure the fund can be used properly.


In general, the government does not have a draconian policy on this project, and there is Causevest plugin support. Therefore, Qiuhong and Shengdao think it works.

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For this month I want to highlight this cause for building a wind farm on Indigenous land. Seems like a cool infrastructure project. Your Anpetu Wi donation - Anpetu Wi Wind Farm

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