Causevest Pledges for January 2021

A New Year!

Crazy how fast time flies but the causevest network with its 40 or so members is still giving what it can :slight_smile: small but mighty.

So please pledge your causes for this month and vote with the extension if you have it already.




Bike for Good
The project began in July 2010 when there was no money at a stall in Glasgow’s famous Barras Market. The group now has two thriving community centre shops in Glasgow, a fantastic team of more than 50 people who hope to change the lives of thousands of people through cycling.
They include all volunteers, conference staff, employees, trustees, local wildlife and warehouse ghosts. In addition, their teams are committed to taking care of their goals. They are flexible and family-friendly employers.

  1. Project Introduction

This article illustrates the reason why we choose “Bike for Good” to vote.

1.1 Project activity background

Their plan of action,tthrough their training programs, they are building employees’ awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion. They are conducting an external review of our current processes for equality, diversity and inclusion through Bike for Good auditors. They are becoming increasingly aware of our recruitment process, which includes monitoring equal opportunity forms and assessing who is applying to them for jobs. Besides, they are evaluating the representation of different populations on our digital platforms. And they are in discussions with other Glasgow cycling organisations to see how they can build a more diverse and inclusive industry. Furthermore, they are reviewing our supply chain to see how the companies we work with are dealing with diversity in their organizations.

1.2 Project objectives

Their aim is to make cycling accessible to everyone in And around Scotland, whatever their circumstances. Their services range from looking for young people to get in and out of school quickly, to looking for low-impact older people to stay healthy.

  1. The Premise of Feasibility Analysis

Use the Google plug-in product from Causevest and collect the votes.

  1. The Feasibility Analysis of the Helper

The project works with a wide range of groups, drawing on their extensive performance experience and training of inexperienced personnel. By cycling, they give people the skills and voice to make decisions about their hobbies.

Through such cooperation and mutual support, the project can bring about better development for cyclists and related personnel.

  1. Policy Analysis

The government does not impose strict restrictions on philanthropy. Instead, it gives some support.

  1. Feasibility Analysis of Project Proposal

There is Causevest powerful voting block chain plugin technology support, support for the helper will not be abused and misappropriated. It could ensure the fund can be used properly.

  1. Summary

In general, the government does not have a draconian policy on this project, and there is Causevest plugin support. Therefore, Qiuhong and Shengdao think it works.

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Jack and Queenie’s vote for January 2021

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I’m very much interested in tackling equality in system where there is no discrimination after some incidents in the past therefore I nominate this Casa foundation who is committed to the development of under-privileged ones in India and also assists the local NGOs in fundraising, planning and monitoring. Therefore I feel this charity is worth having a look before we vote our monthly vote.

CARE is very well established charity working in india which helps people rise from Poverty and Social exclusion as there is so much discrimination of people from different caste and region. Therefore I feel we should help this charity for this month.

This organization for gender research and support looks interesting.